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Among the trees, under the clouds

Among the oaks and willows of the City Park pub ‘Nyereg’ (saddle) has more than 800 square meters available for cozy outdoor activities all year. Arrive on foot, by bike, by running or even on horseback, our gates are always open for you.

The building in which the pub is located came a long way through centuries, and as the oldest building of the City Park is its own living history. Our cultural heritage once served as the side building of the Artesian Bath. Later on, it was the capital’s first holiday hotel where travelers who arrived from far away had the opportunity to take a rest, but for a couple years, the civil guards also used it as a cavalry patrol. Years went by and the building eventually became one of the most popular meeting spots in Budapest. 

Everyday life

When the idea of the Nyereg was born, we wanted to create a lounge bar where children, adults and forever youngsters may find a place where they can spend their time. 

During the day, the Nyereg provides room for a number of cultural events, thought provoking and sometimes uplifting conversations, social and community-building programs.

From Friday to Sunday, we welcome you with dynamic world music concerts and DJ evenings to provide the perfect background music for a warm, ecstatic evening on the shore of the City Park Lake.

You can enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere every day – the combination of the park, nature and Nyereg is perfect for outdoor activities to each member of the family.

Life is better on six-foot

We love our four-legged guests as well.  We won the audience award for “2015's Dog-Friendly Place” and "2017's Dog-Friendly Place". We continue to encourage everyone to bring the man’s best friend when coming to City Park. Nyereg has it all that dog hearts beat for.

Relax with a full stomach

Our kitchen is all about the quick fix, but very tasty dishes. Burgers, sandwiches, grill foods and pancakes are prepared to fill the empty stomachs, weather it is lunch or dinnertime. As for the thirsty wanderers, we offer a range of huge lemonades, teas and an ice-cold beer selection.

We are looking forward to see you at Nyereg, which may be your favorite cozy bistro or a family-friendly garden, where you can eat, drink, rest and enjoy your time! 


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